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Miss Tri-Cities Ambassadors 2017


The Miss Tri-Cities Ambassadors Program is designed to foster Style, Service, Scholarship and Success by providing leadership and community service training to young girls entering the 6th or 7th grade (11- 12 years old). The Miss Tri-Cities Ambassadors will raise awareness for the Miss, Teen and Little Sisters Programs. The Ambassadors will assist with the Dessert Auction, Parade, Fashion Show, Program Nights and all other Miss Tri-Cities events as needed. The Miss Tri-Cities Ambassadors will serve and represent on behalf of the Miss Tri-Cities Scholarship Program to advocate for the program as active leaders in the community. These young ladies will have the unique opportunity to get an inside look at the cultivating of Miss Tri-Cities and Miss Tri-Cities’ Outstanding Teen by attending rehearsals as requested and getting a sneak peek of the wardrobe and talent of the titleholders for the State Competition.

Entry criteria:

  •   Age: 11 12 years old AND entering 6th or 7th grade

  •   Personal commitment- Must attend all meeting and participate in all required events.

  •   Academic letter of recommendation

  •   Personal statement- What would becoming a Miss Tri Cities Ambassador mean to you? (300-500 words)

  •   Willing to work as a team to continue to promote the Miss Tri Cities Scholarship Program through leadership service.

  •   Fee: $75 must be paid upon submittal of completed application (t-shirt, sash, canvas shoes, flowers and miscellaneous expenses)

  •   Uniform: Ambassador t-shirt, white shorts (knee length), canvas shoes

  •   Presentation attire will consist of a formal dress and Ambassador sash (dress will be selected by program director and purchased by participant)

This program is a work in progress and requires us to be “flexible and gracious” in its development. Thank you for your support!

Contact: Heidi Berry 509-366-1413