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  • Miss Tri-Cities 2024

    Miss Tri-Cities 2024 Abby Faulk

  • Miss Tri-Cities Teen 2024 Giorgia Henry

    Miss Tri-Cities Teen 2024 Giorgia Henry

  • Miss Tri-Cities 2024 with Miss Tri-Cities Teen 2024

    2024 Miss Tri-Cities Abby Faulk with Miss Tri-Cities Teen Giorgia Henry

The Miss Tri-Cities Scholarship Program, sponsored by the Tri-City Water Follies Association, is the one of the strongest community-based scholarship competitions in Washington State, offering over $20,000 in scholarships each year. We are an official preliminary to the Miss Washington and Miss America competitions.  In 2023 we are celebrating our 63rd year with the Miss America Organization.

The goal of the Miss Tri-Cities Scholarship Program is to inspire accomplishments and motivate personal achievement in young women to reach their educational goals and dreams.  Opportunities are provided for young women to expand their quest for knowledge and acquire skills to better equip them for future success. Most importantly, participants will have many occasions to develop their leadership skills, resulting in a greater sense of awareness of their potential.

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